What's new at Xerox Research Centre Europe


Teaching machines to hold a conversation

Before digital self-care tools can interact with your customers, they need to understand what’s being said.

Will Radford discusses the challenges and opportunities of automating natural dialogue in the customer care sphere.
Automating Natural Dialogue video on YouTube. 

New Xerox Virtual Customer Care Agent Learns Like We Do


Machines that can listen and learn

Transforming Customer Care 

Can you really teach a machine to learn like a human? Researchers at Xerox Research Centre Europe use innovation in machine learning to help clients make the customer care experience efficient, relevant and personal.

Guillaume Bouchard describes what machine learning is and how we anticipate it transforming the delivery of customer care.

Video on YouTube

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Global Road Achievement Awards for Xerox’s Merge dynamic parking pricing

The 2014 awards honor nine projects from around the world, each leading the way in innovation and excellence in its respective area of the road industry. 


Are you ready for digital disruption?

Monica Beltrametti, Xerox Chief Services Research Officer speaking at Gartner ITExpo Symposium, Nov 9-13 Barcelona. Preview