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Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) , Berlin Germany


11-12 August 2016

James Henderson, Diana Popa: A Vector Space for Distributional Semantics for Entailment

Chunyang Xiao, Marc Dymetman, Claire Gardent: Sequence-based Structured Prediction for Semantic Parsing 

St├ęphane Clinchant, Gabriela Csurka, Boris Chidlovskii: Transductive Adaptation of Black Box Predictions 

St├ęphane Clinchant, Gabriela Csurka and Boris Chidlovskii: A Domain Adaptation Regularization for Denoising Autoencoders


Estimating impact of customer-facing events on the long-term value for Amazon

1st August 2016


Speaker: Sriram Venkatapathy, Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon, Bengaluru, KA, India 

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International Computer Vision Summer School ICVSS 2016; Sicily, Italy

ICVSS 2016

17th - 23rd July 2016

Industrial Panel: Adrien Gaidon

Xerox Research Centre Europe is a sponsor of this annual conference