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26th British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC)

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BMVC 2015 : 7 - 10 September, Swansea, UK.

Albert Gordo, Adrien Gaidon  and Florent Perronnin: Deep Fishing: Gradient Features from Deep Nets 


International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR2015)

ICDAR 2015 Nancy, France  -   August 23-26, 2015

Hervé Dejean : Extracting Structured Data from Unstructured Documents with Incomplete Resources


Xerox: How Privacy Engineering Is Changing Big Data; Forbes; Tuesday 04 August 2015

Thierry Jacquin, XRCE senior research engineer, comments throughout Forbes.com article on how Privacy Engineering is changing “big data”. He argues that data privacy is not by any stretch of the imagination a new issue, but it has a new force and urgency nowadays — especially in the big data era right down to a software application development level. >> Read the article