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Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) creates disruptive technologies that transform businesses by making their processes more automated, intelligent and agile. Research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, data analytics, natural language processing and ethnography is combined with deep industry expertise in many sectors.
XRCE has a long term strategic partnership program, provides research as a service and collaborates in European Union and government projects.

Open Xerox is the place where you can experiment with technologies being developed in the Xerox labs around the globe.

What's new at Xerox Research Centre Europe
Humanoid robots in real environments
Pal Robotics logo

23rd February 2017; 11:00AM

Speaker: Francesco Ferro, Chief Executive Officer, PAL Robotics, Barcelona, Spain

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Annual Conference for basic and applied human-robot interaction research (HRI 2017); Vienna, Austria
HRI 2017

6th - 9th March, 2017

Nicolas Monet: Robots as conversational mediators. Co-authored with Ekaterina Kynev, Christophe Legras and Matthias Gallé.

Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS-2017 conference; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ITS Malaysia: Driving ITS to a New Normal. 21st - 23rd February 2017 . 

Frederic Roulland will give 4 presentations: 

  • "Data Driven Simulation in Public Transport"  
  • "Supporting Multimodal Travel"
  • "Technologies For an Integrated and Multimodal Urban Mobility"
  • "Using Big Data to Improve Urban Mobility"