About XRCE

Xerox established its European research centre, XRCE in France in the early 90's to create innovative document technology and drive the transition of becoming a services-led technology business.

With this ambitious objective driving the centre, it was the first in the world to explore a number of technologies. Starting in the 1990’s, XRCE scientists were the first to mix paper and computer screens to form a ‘digital desk’ – one of the first steps towards augmented reality. At that time, we created the concept of meta-search engines that harness the power of multiple search engines and even automatically learn to query online databases. We laid the foundations for today’s ubiquitous computing, by exploring how mobile devices could share hyperlinks and how people could retrieve information on the basis of their context. We also created distributed computing systems and web service architectures which now form the underlying structure for how we do business in an online world. Our seminal methods for visual categorization and reinforcement learning led to the world's first commercial image categorizer.  

More than 20 years later, Xerox is now the world leader in document management and business process outsourcing. Research in Europe contributed to this achievement and continues to ensure that Xerox maintain such leadership in the years to come.

The primary areas of research at the centre are computer vision, natural language processing, data analytics, machine learning and process intelligence. This expertise is applied in a variety of ways to information, data and documents to create innovative business processes, document services and solutions that strategically contribute to the competitiveness of Xerox customers. The technical expertise of the centre is enriched with the knowledge gathered from its sociologists and ethnographers who develop a deep understanding of how people work to combine both human and machine elements. The work and the people at the centre are regularly recognized and awarded in international competitions and forums.

Alongside its research and development the centre runs a global partner program where we take part in European Union and national R&D projects, provide research-as-a-service or license our technology. Customer Led Innovation is an area of focus where we co-create services with  Xerox customers often beginning in the Innovation Studio, a demonstration and exchange forum for scientists, engineers and customers.

The Xerox Research Centre Europe is in Grenoble, France.