Tracking Application for Sustainable Commuting


Frédéric Roulland
Jutta Willamowski
Stefania Castellani

Duration: 5-6 months
Start Date: February-April 2013

The Work Practice Technologies team at the Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) is conducting a research project on Sustainable Commuting. In this project we are investigating best practices by workers and companies that reduce the use of single-occupancy vehicles. The aim is to develop technologies that can support those practices.

This internship announcement is for a student who will work with the team on developing a SW prototype.

The successful intern candidate will design state of the art mobility tracking functionalities and develop a prototype for a mobile system (e.g. a smartphone app) exploiting them.

The desired job profile includes very good SW development skills (i.e., can develop a SW prototype independently).


MS-level education in Computer Science or a related field with expertise in the area(s) of mobile applications and sensors.

Highly desirable is that the candidate has prior work experience with relevant languages, platforms, and in the followings areas:

  • Developing tracking methods (e.g., using GPS, accelerometer, barometer, infrared light sensors, microphone) or sensor networks.
  • Prototyping and developing mobile applications (e.g., iPhone or Android apps.)
  • Applying machine learning or data mining for inferring user locations, itineraries, or types of activities.