Tools and WebServices for the OpenXerox Experimental Services portal

Unit: ADL/SA&O

Herve Poirier

Duration: 4-6 months
Start Date: Q1 2011

OpenXerox is the Xerox Innovation portal hosting and exposing Experimental Technologies as web services or web applications.

The goal of the internship is to develop a set of tools and services to improve the publishing and update of projects hosted on the OpenXerox/Experimental Services portal such as:

  • Tools to create/update project from IDE/build environment (Command line/Eclipse/ant/Visual Studio). Today, a developer must upload an archive on the portal to publish or update a service. It would be easier if he/she could do it with a "Publish on OpenXerox" button from a IDE.
  • Web Services:
    • Error/message logging: Stored messages from the service in the OpenXerox logs
    • Sessions Content management: Store and share content between calls.
    • Social networking like (friend, share, ...). Manage friends and recommendations
    • Download/link to repositories: Management of download batch and associated actions.

The main components to develop in this project are:

  • Design, develop and publish services on the OpenXerox portal for testing and improving competencies in this domain while identifying some missing features
  • Design and develop tools to help other developers publishing their web services

Required competencies:

  • Strong knowledge of Web technologies (HTML, javascript, etc) and experience of SOAP and REST services developments.
  • Good competencies in Oriented Oriented design (C# and/or Java)

Application instructions

Please email your CV and cover letter, with message subject [Internship 'Tools and WebServices for the OpenXerox Experimental Services portal'] to and to

Interns: Jianing Zhang - ENSIMAG