About XRCE
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The XRCE news section includes different types of information.

Here are some of the sources we publish which communicate the latest research and technology news and activities.

Updates: the most dynamic news source updated on a daily basis, on the home page,  which shares the the conferences where our researchers present academic papers, the industry tradeshows where we participate in panels, technical talks and technology demos, invited seminars where XRCE staff give keynotes and presentations, and of course the XRCE seminars where external guests come to the centre and give invited seminars open to the public  

Pressbook: published articles that talk about XRCE projects, results and people in international and national media. Xerox news releases that feature XRCE are also listed here. 

Seminars:  external invited speaker talks given at XRCE, some of which are available as online videos. .

Blogs: the XRCE blog is rich with articles written by our experts on topics they're currently studying, experiences they've had or opinions formed. Blog articles are published at least one a month. Links to Xerox blog articles that feature XRCE can be found here

If you can't find what you're looking for or have a question email communications@xrce.xerox.com