1st Intl. Workshop on Health Data Management and Mining (HDMM) 2016, Helsinki, Finland
Published : Monday 23 May 2016

16th May, 2016: 1st Intl. Workshop on Health Data Management and Mining (HDMM) 2016. Co-located with 32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) 2016, Helsinki, Finland


David Rozier: "A case study of analytics for clinical decision support: a capnography study on A&E patients admitted for medicine poisoning”  


ESWC 2016 - 13th Extended Semantic Web Conference, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Published : Wednesday 11 May 2016

29th May - 2nd June, 2016. 
Jean-Yves Vion-Dury and Nikolaos Lagos: The Resource Action Language (ReAL): Towards Designing Reactive RDF Stores


Machine Learning Summer Schools at the University of Cádiz, in Cádiz, Spain
Published : Wednesday 11 May 2016


11th – 21st May, 2016
Chunyang XIAO will present a poster: “Semantic Parsing through Seq2seq Prediction of Canonical Forms”.


SFIMAR 21st Francophone Congress on Computing and Monitoring in Intensive Care
Published : Tuesday 05 April 2016


Grenoble 8th and 9th April 

Cecile Boulard presenting how simulation can help highly skilled organisations improve. She draws from the findings of recent hospital studies and prior experience in the nuclear industry. 


LAK 16: The 6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference
Published : Tuesday 05 April 2016

April 25th -29th, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

LAK logo

Agnes Sandor presenting, Reflecting on Reflective Writing Analytics: Assessment Challenges and Iterative Evaluation of a Prototype Tool


12th IAPR: International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems DAS 2016
Published : Tuesday 29 March 2016


11th - 14th April 2016; Sanatorini, Greece

Albert Gordo: Tutorial on "Scene-Text Localization, Recognition, and Understanding".


Partnership Award: Cerema rewards Xerox for its Xerox Vehicle Passenger Detection system (VPDS)
Published : Wednesday 23 March 2016

22nd March 2016

Cerema rewards Xerox for its Xerox Vehicle Passenger Detection system (VPDS) that uses infrared cameras and was piloted at a busy French/Swiss commuter border (Jougne) in 2015.
The system has its origin at the Xerox Research Centre Europe and is based on patented algorithms and computer vision techniques that make it possible to distinguish empty and occupied car seats.


WWW 2016, Montréal, Canada
Published : Tuesday 22 March 2016


11th - 15th  April 2016

Ágnes Sándor, Nikolaos Lagos, Vo Ngoc-Phuoc-An, Caroline Brun: Identifying User Issues and Request Types in Forum Question Posts Based on Discourse Analysis 

Alexandr Chernov, Nikolaos Lagos, Matthias Gallé, Ágnes Sándor: Enriching How-to Guides by Linking Actionable Phrases 


SAMA Pan-European Conference 'Innovating at the Intersections - Co-creating Customer Value', Amsterdam 14-16 March.
Published : Monday 14 March 2016

Keynote: Innovating with Strategic Accounts: from technology showrooms to dreaming sessions and co-innovation, the Xerox experience.

Patrick Mazeau , Director, Business Relations and Marketing, Xerox Research Centre Europe

SAMA is the Strategic Account Management Association. 14-16 March. #SAMAPEC16.