Quebec Transportation Association:50th Transportation Convention
Published : Wednesday 04 March 2015

30th March - 1st April, 2015 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Rethinking mobility: Frédéric Roulland , Data Intelligence Transfer manager: "Latest innovations for intelligent and integrated urban mobility". 

The focal point of the transportation community


7th Edition of the Junior Scientist and Industry Annual Meeting (JSIam)
Published : Wednesday 04 March 2015


6th March 2015, at MINATEC , Grenoble, France  

JSIam  industry talk and debate: Adrien Gaidon , research scientist in Computer Vision at XRCE


EclipseCon 2015
Published : Thursday 26 February 2015


San Francisco, California, USA
March 11, 2015

Adrian Mos : "Model Your Business Processes Like You're in 2015! "


Fupol consortium meeting
Published : Thursday 29 January 2015

FUPOL  is an FP7 ICT research project, which provides a completely new approach to traditional politics building on major innovations like multichannel social computing, crowd sourcing and simulation. 


Inno'Cup Junior
Published : Tuesday 27 January 2015

Competition  for young innovators in France aged between 15 and 18years. Winners will go to California and the silicon valley to visit  universities, museums and private industry labs including the Palo Alto Research Center  !

Xerox Research Centre Europe is one of the founding partners of this initiative that aims at encouraging students to choose science and technology.

Inno'Cup 2015


MOBiNET consortium meeting
Published : Tuesday 20 January 2015

27-29 January 2015

MOBiNET  is “the Internet of (Transport and) Mobility”. It is an internet-based network linking travellers, transport users, transport system operators, service providers, content providers and transport infrastructure. 


Seminars at XRCE
Published : Wednesday 07 January 2015

In 2014 XRCE opened more than 50 times its doors and hosted exciting scientific seminars. Check out who was here!