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Published: Wednesday, 24 May 2017

30th May - 2nd June 2017

Adrian Mos will spend 4 days at the University of Seville, Spain. He will give a seminar to a master class on process intelligence and a talk to the IDEA research group which brings together staff of the Computer Languages and Systems Department of the University of Seville. 

Published: Tuesday, 18 April 2017

8th - 11th May 2017. This year's theme: R&D Beyond Four Walls

10th May, 2017 at 9.30 AM:

Antonietta Grasso

 Antonietta Grasso: : Assessing the Value of User Experience Design in Industrial R&D


Published: Monday, 10 April 2017

********** DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS JUNE 16TH **********

Florent Perronnin co-organizing with Adrien Gaidon and Antonio Lopez a special issue on “synthetic visual data”.  
This special issue of IJCV follows the workshop on Virtual/Augmented Reality for Visual Artificial Intelligence (VARVAI) which was held in conjunction with ECCV 2016. 

Published: Wednesday, 5 April 2017

26th - 27th April, 2017

The international conference is organised by the association "Bizerte 2050" in collaboration with Hippo Dirutus. Antonietta Grasso is invited speaker at the conférence and share XRCE expertise around smarter mobility and public administration.

Published: Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Modelling Dependencies to Account for Change in Digital Preservation and Beyond

11th April, 2017. 12:OO AM

Nicolaos Lagos

Speaker: Nikolaos Lagos, XRCE Parsing and Semantics research group.

Published: Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The David B. Martin Best Paper Award has been established in collaboration with the ECSCW committee. This award is sponsored by the Xerox Research Centre Europe in memory of the late Dr. David Martin.

David was a devoted member of the ECSCW community and Associate Editor of the CSCW journal.

The 15th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW 2017) will take place in Sheffield (UK), 28th August to 1st September 2017.
Published: Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Congratulations to Ágnes Sándor for the Best Full Paper Award at LAk17!

Published: Tuesday, 21 March 2017

3rd - 7th April 2017

  • A Language-independent and Compositional Model for Personality Trait Recognition from Short Texts, Fei Liu, Julien Perez  and Scott Nowson presented by Fei Liu. 
  • Gated End-to-End Memory networks, Julien Perez and Fei Liu presented by Julien Perez.
  • Dialog State tracking, a machine reading approach using memory networks, Julien Perez and Fei Liu presented by Julien Perez.