Mobilité Intelligente 2016; ATEC-ITS France event
Published : Monday 25 January 2016

Paris, France, 26 - 27 January 2016

26 January, 16:30-18:00: Évaluation d’un capteur de mesure du nombre d’occupants d’un véhicule 

Alexis Bacelar (CEREMA Direction territoriale Centre-Est), Ludovic Simon (CEREMA / DTer IdF), Hervé Poirier  (Xerox Research Centre Europe): "Maîtriser et réguler le trafic". 

The Xerox Vehicle Passenger Detection system (VPDS) using infrared cameras was piloted at a busy French/Swiss commuter border (Jougne) in 2015. This pilot enabled the transportation partners to understand how an automated system for counting vehicle occupants could support the introduction of High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. The Xerox system delivered highly accurate results, boosting confidence in the practical application of this type of system for all of Europe.

Xerox Demonstrates Vehicle Passenger Detection System to Promote Adoption of Carpooling in Europe


Research Seminar: NLP and machine learning, Low-rank Matrix Learning for Compositional Objects, Strings and Trees
Published : Wednesday 20 January 2016

29th January 2016, 12:00 PM; VISEO R&D, Grenoble, France

Speaker: Xavier Carreras , senior research scientist, Xerox Research Centre Europe

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EU project READ kicks off: Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents
Published : Thursday 14 January 2016


Xerox Research Centre Europe is a member of the new EU research project READ which will run for three and half years starting this January. READ is part of the EINFRA-9-2015 - e-Infrastructures for virtual research environments (VRE)  call. 


Entreprise du Futur, Lyon, France
Published : Thursday 14 January 2016

14th January 2016

Mario Jarmasz  and  Delphine Teillaud  are moderating the session "Sharing Data on the Move".
Thierry Lavialle , Xerox Docushare  and Frédéric Rambaudi are hosting  A2A Document Avenue  on "Enterprise Content Management".

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Who is the Real You?
Published : Monday 04 January 2016

Who is the Real You

Do you present a different “you” depending upon the situation you’re in or the social media platform you’re on?   Most people would have to agree.  Isn’t there a difference in the “you” that socializes with friends on a Friday night? Or the “you” at a management meeting at work on Monday? Read more


26th Meeting of Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN26), Amsterdam, Netherlands
Published : Wednesday 09 December 2015

18th December 2015

Vo Ngoc-Phuoc-An: Semantic Relatedness and Textual Entailment via Corpus Patterns , co-authored with Octavian Popescu


International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Santiago, Chile
Published : Wednesday 09 December 2015


13-16 December 2015

Albert Gordo , XRCE computer vision scientist: LEWIS: Latent Embeddings for Word Images and their Semantics , paper co-authored with Jon Almazan , Naila Murray and Florent Perronnin.


Workshop on Learning with Structured Data and applications on Natural Language and Biology, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Published : Wednesday 09 December 2015

9 - 11 December 2015

Invited speaker: Xavier Carreras  and Ariadna Quattoni : "Low-rank Matrix Learning for Compositional Objects, Strings and Trees"