Human Computer Interaction conference, HCI 2015, Seoul, Korea

TurkBench: Rendering the Market for Turkers

Jutta WillamowskiBenjamin Hanrahan , Saiganesh Swaminathan, David B. Martin: Read the abstract of TurkBench ,

In this paper XRCE researchers present TurkBench, which is designed to reduce the difficulty in navigating the Turking market by locating the most lucrative HITs, requesters, and qualifications available. TurkBench also seeks to eliminate much of the unpaid search time by guiding users through an adaptive schedule. 

Jutta Willamowski will also participate in the SIGCHI HCI & Sustainability Workshop  which aims at producing a concrete mapping of Sustainable HCI research and sustainability goals.

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Published on : Monday 13 April 2015