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XRCE: Château 2

Xerox established its European research centre in France in the early 90's to create innovative document technology and drive the corporate transition in becoming a services-led technology business. While drawing on the strength of Xerox Corporation around the world, our focus is on Europe.

Alongside its research, the centre carries out advanced development and also hosts the European Technology Showroom, a showcase for Xerox research and an exchange forum for scientists, engineers and customers.
The centre pursues a policy of open innovation and collaborates with the wider European scientific community on a variety of R&D projects.


Along with our customers, the centre collaborates with academic, government and industrial research groups and participates in a variety of regional, national and European Union networks and projects. As part of its Open Innovation program, XRCE is currently part of 9 European projects and 6 French national ones.
Our staff are members of research review boards and expert panels and hold positions at academic institutions. The centre welcomes visiting professors and students from across the world. It runs an extensive annual intern program and also partners with universities through the Xerox Foundation which each year funds around 40 projects at 30 colleges and universities worldwide. Our partners also include organizations who have licensed our technologies for both research and commercial purposes.

XRCE is part of the global Xerox Innovation Group made up of 650 researchers and engineers in four world-renowned research and technology centres. The European site is set in the heart of the French Alps.