Jean-Luc Meunier

My research interest lies in the automatic analysis of digitized documents , in order to expose their structure in addition to the textual content.

All my publications are in the XRCE publication database .

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A bit of history...
I graduated from the ENSIMAG , a computer science and applied mathematics engineering school (a so-called French "Grande Ecole") in 1989.

I first worked for the Cap Gemini R&D center, where I was exposed to the emerging domain of business process automation , in the context of a large European research project . The Cap Gemini team proudly came out with one of the first workflow product, called Process Weaver . I was responsible for the design, development of the process engine  part and, later on, for its maintenance and support, with one foot on the service side.

I then joined Xerox Research in 1995 and worked on the creation of a coordination middleware, see CLF  1 , with a particular focus on its application to business process support. We later on got quite addicted to looking for ways to stimulate and sustain knowledge sharing in business environments. I contributed in particular to the SmartPrinter  1  and KnowledgePump  1  2  research and software development.

I joined the Document Structure group in 2004, and contributed in particular to Rossinante . Feel free to create your ePub there!

In 2012, I joined the MLDAT group and led a project involving machine translation and multi-lingual text generation, and then managed the technological transfer to Xerox business services India.


All my publications since 1995 are in the XRCE publication database .