Matthias Galle

Phone : +33 (0)4 76 61 41 09

I am Area Manager of the Machine Learning for Document Access and Translation group at the Xerox Research Centre Europe. My research interest lies in machine learning for information access, grammatical inference and stringology (yes, go check the link: it is probably not what you think it is). The application area used to be genetic sequences, nowadays it is mostly natural language.


Currenly, I am focusing on probabilistic topic models for improving text access. Before I was involved in the EU project SYNC3, working mostly on similarity metrics and clustering algorithms.

My external website with more information (pre-Xerox) and pointers to papers

Latest News

  • [May '12] I will be attending another instance of the Dagstuhl seminar on Structure Discovery.
  • [Dec '11] My submission to the writing contest won the first prize.
  • [Nov '11] Our (with JM Renders) poster "Full and Semi-Batch Clustering of News Articles with Star-EM" was accepted at ECIR' 12.


I did my PhD at the INRIA centre in Rennes, France. My masters degree is from the FaMAF, at the Universidad Nacional de C√≥rdoba, Argentina.