Monica Beltrametti
VP and XRCE centre manager

Welcome to the Xerox Research Centre Europe web site.

As Centre Manager, it is my job and that of my team to envision and build new technology that supports better ways for us to manage an ever increasing information web, and to find the way to turn today’s vision of the future into tomorrow’s reality.

XRCE researchers are addressing many of the challenges we face in our work today. One theme of our research is studying and understanding how people, processes and equipment work together, particularly in bridging the paper and digital worlds. Research in this area creates technology for Xerox's Smarter Document ManagementSM  offering. Another theme is about helping us to manage information overload. Another addresses ubiquitous access to information, printers and services. Yet another theme is automating repetitive tasks. Xerox and XRCE scientists working on information retrieval and content analysis are developing tools to improve how people work. They are also looking at ways of capturing the expertise of skilled workers and making that knowledge available to others.

An important challenge is cost and in an effort to control costs, companies are increasingly studying where their costs lie and are investing in process simplifications and measures to improve productivity and control costs. Within these trends are vast opportunities for Xerox and XRCE to serve customer needs. To better understand our customers, we pilot an Customer Led Innovation program where researchers and customers can exchange problems and ideas. We also gather feedback through our Technology Showroom where demonstrations are given to hundreds of customers every year.