Industry Focus

Safety has always been a concern in transportation on the road but also  on the public transport network.

Transportation authorities have invested massively in video based systems to monitor and enforce safety regulations. We aim to improve two of the limitations these systems present.  Computer vision image signature technology can monitor the flow of people and vehicles whilst preserving citizen privacy when no violation is detected. Our vision research on generic scene understanding will be able to convert existing cameras in the field into video monitoring systems trained to detect multiple scenarios where safety is at risk.

In a seamless mobility experience, one traveler can go smoothly through different transportation modalities and different regions without having to worry about which transportation services are available, where to purchase the tickets or service and which fares to choose. The user is automatically guided and authenticated through the different transportation operators being used and is billed electronically with the best fare. 

XRCE contributes to the emergence of such an experience with unique capabilities in computer vision applied to vehicle identification and expertise in the secured use of open and mobile payments.