Industry Focus

In recent years, the meaning and use of the term for Automation in the workplace has shifted from physical, often manufacturing tasks to knowledge work.  At the Xerox Research Centre Europe we develop technologies and methods to unlock the value of Automation at both ends of the spectrum -from basic automation (macro and workflow using structured rules) to “True” Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Workflow Automation image

We apply our expertise in ethnography, process intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge representation and computer vision to go beyond the automation of large scale repetitive processes, to assist in the design and governance of any automated task. 

Process discovery for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation aims at reducing the cost organisations incur in executing simple repetitive tasks. Implementations of such automation need to be straightforward and easy to be effective. This requirement often limits the adoption of RPA. Our research can help to automatically discover processes and identify how some tedious tasks could be handled by software ‘bots’. One example of where we’ve done this is in the tasks agents perform in call centers. 

Pattern based decisions from financial documents

By running our document structure layout technology to financial documents (e.g. PDF files of Company SEC Filings), we can automatically extract information and integrate it in a structured knowledge base using our incremental parsing tool to XIP.  We locate and disambiguate valuable facts and their semantic connections to retrieve references from invoices, detect anomalies or fraud allegations in financial reports and even attempts to obfuscate the truth.

Cognitive computing of a conversational virtual agent

The ultimate goal in customer care automation is the conversational agent - a self-serving care tool that understands questions in natural language, answer queries provide personalized answers and learns from every interaction to improve itself over time. Our work in machine reading and dialog natural language understanding and natural language generation are on the way to achieving this ambitious goal.

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