Industry Focus

The Xerox Research Centre Europe has a strong competency in research and software development of data analytics methods that help businesses improve their processes, make better decisions and identify new opportunities. We possess a combination of the necessary data, skills, and business process expertise to produce algorithms that convert unstructured data into information that can be understood and used to make sound strategic decisions.

Xerox is data rich. We process 37 billion transport fares per year and 900 million healthcare claims. Our customer care centers receive 1.5 M phone calls each day. Our capabilities in data analytics involves processing, modeling and data-driven decision making provide a fast and systematic way to discover unexpected relations, make decisions that improve performance and let businesses focus on what really matters.

A huge amount of data is stored or communicated in the form of natural language text.  But it is difficult to make use of this information without asking people to read it all.  The technology we develop not only makes this information accessible, but makes it actionable, comprehensible, integrated, and predictive, as demonstrated in the fields of healthcare, transportation, litigation, customer care, and finance . We teach computers to read, understand and act.  Our research team has leading experts for data analytics in natural language processing (text analytics), computer vision, ethnography, process intelligence, machine learning and optimization.

Data analytics can be used in several ways: to understand hidden trends in social media chatter to predicting the best way to answer a specific call received by a call centre agent.  Xerox research has created Empath , a platform to drive actionable intelligence and customer engagement from social media traffic.  Find out about our case studies (when the page exists), which highlight how we have used data analytics with industry application.

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