Industry Focus

Managed Print Services

Xerox is a world leader in Managed Print Services which simplifies printing and the operational management of printer fleets. The Xerox Research Centre Europe develops cutting edge technology in workflow automation and assessments, document content analytics and business process optimization making this offering a market leader.

In the Assess & Optimise step of Managed Print Services (MPS), Xerox evaluates the customer print needs. The number of devices is rationalized  to optimize the print service, respecting customer usage and productivity but reducing cost. Xerox Secure & Integrate services ensure the integrity of the new fleet and the print path, even in open areas using mobile devices and pull printing. 

As part of this offering Xerox Research Centre Europe created the Print Awareness Tool, a new sustainable  technology able to guide end users to adopt better printing habits to reduce their paper consumption for a greener planet. The tool, which used gamification mechanisms, has reduced print volumes by up to 10% in office environments and created positive individual awareness and responsibility in printing.

XRCE is currently performing data analytics on the huge collections of data generated by print devices to predict with more accuracy potential dysfunctions and offer proactive services to ensure optimal device efficiency. Other projects include the advanced manipulation of print ready files for on the fly setting changes and greater flexibility in mobile print.

Workflow Automation

The Xerox MPS Workflow Automation offering called Automate and Simplify exists for office and industry productivity. Office workflow automation is focused on digital replacing paper such as the Digital Alternatives solution.

Industry productivity workflow automation targets company workflows and processes. The purpose of this industry approach is to assess the document flow from local physical archives to the print & scan flow, to identify the most paper expensive workflows. For this we use Document Analytics. We then analyse the targeted workflows in depth using our Workflow Assessment to propose an optimal version for implementation in the customer environment (Process design and Optimisation).

process design and optimization image

Xerox Research Centre Europe is contributing its technology and expertise at every step:

  • Document Analytics: We are automating the current manual process of assessing the document flow in the initial audit. This prototype, based on print capture uses our state-of-the art computer vision and active learning techniques to guess in a semi-automatic manner the purpose of every printed document, from its associated process to its reason for being printed. It does not replace the approach done by consultants, but enhances it by providing more accurate numbers and by making it more comprehensive by including small and/or forgotten processes. 
  • We are investigating ways to improve the Workflow Assessment which involves a detailed expert study of an organisation’s processes. We add user centric elements to help our experts better understand the reasons for such workflows. By providing more relevant information it will help build more relevant solutions. 
  • The Process Design and Optimization phase involves Business Process Modeling (BPM). We are investigating the smart part of BPM to model and optimize a flow in a fast way by providing governance. We are also investigating Software Oriented Architectures (SoA) and monitoring to achieve the most flexible way to build a new workflow. 
  • New document processing modules using natural language processing and computer vision will be orchestrated in workflows to optimize document flows.