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XRCE Innovation Studio

Xerox Research Centre Europe works with partners to provide Research as a Service and deliver innovative solutions addressing their business needs.  We work at fully understanding our clients’ technical and commercial challenges to provide solutions to the problems their businesses face today and the ones they will encounter tomorrow.

When working on such R&D projects, XRCE experts co-develop with our partners to generate new intellectual property and invent new business offerings.

The foundation of our Research as a Service is our recognised technical industry expertise, our enabling technologies and advanced development team that give companies we work with a head start in today's competitive environments.

Our Research as a Service activity aims at:


We combine our scientific excellence – distinguished by numerous academic awards and agile development methods that meet the highest international industrial standards.


The research outcomes are tailored to our partner needs and will be protected both in terms of confidentiality, secured shared data and generated intellectual property.


While our competencies and technologies can be applied to all industries, our team will focus on providing the innovative solutions that will have the most impact on the target market and industry.

If your business is missing a technology element to utilize valuable data (textual or visual, structured or unstructured), or the expertise to understand and optimise a process, we can create a cross-functional team and explore pragmatic solutions and even blue sky ideas.

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