Partner with Us

In order to maximize the impact of innovation and research, Xerox Research Centre Europe can be engaged for a long term strategic research partnership to address a set of strategic imperatives.

Patrick Mazeau innovation studio demonstration

Multiple competencies are leveraged, including Dreaming Sessions in our Innovation Studio, user centric design and ethnography, the management and generation of intellectual property, data collection and assessment, algorithm design, proof of concept and business model design. This partnership materializes in multiple projects over 1 to 3 years where XRCE and the partner teams work together.

Xerox Research Centre Europe has the experience of conducting successful transformation projects for strategic research partnerships. An example in public transportation transformed a ticket-vending machine business unit into an organisation that today provided urban mobility services to cities across the world. 

Strategic partnerships are the best way to do in-depth co-innovation. They provides superior return on investment to address the challenges you face with digital transformation. 

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