Customer Dreaming Sessions

Xerox Research Centre Europe has a professional team expert in conducting Dreaming Sessions. These sessions usually last over a day and are unique opportunities for customers to share their innovation opportunities and pain points with Xerox staff and Xerox researchers.


Every dreaming session is tuned to the needs of customers. This session follows the following canvas:

•  Listening to customers: Xerox visitors express their strategic imperatives, innovation opportunities as well as potential pain points

•  Depending on the customer’s context, Xerox researchers briefly introduce their technologies, followed by discussions of potential usage scenarios

•  Scenarios are then prioritized by customers, and ideas are selected for potential pilots

•  Sessions are documented and the outcome is shared with all participants

Dreaming Sessions have been really successful in discovering hidden needs. Example include Urban Mobility services, leveraging city analytics to optimize public transport in cities, or Personal Assessment Tool to help customers optimize paper consumption in the office.

Please contact us  if you'd like to learn more about how we can customise a dreaming session for your customer.