Automation in Finance and Accounting

Xerox customers participating to a Dreaming Session on Finance and Accounting will be able to share their challenges and better understand how advanced technology could be used to transform current processes into simpler and leaner practices.

The Future of Finance And Accounting: customers share their strategic imperatives and pain points, helping Xerox researchers better understand where their technologies could be in use.

Digitizing Finance and Accounting processes: Xerox Connect Key  technologies used in association with Smarter Document Management Technologies  enable distributed scanning, and automatic processing of invoices (automatic classification and information extraction)

Fraud detection: Text Analytics  can be used to detect fraud patterns in a large range of financial documents, in association with other types of analytics and rules.

Automatic Translation tools: Xerox research has developed Statistical Machine Translation  technologies enabling the processing of F&A documents by non-native language speakers, enabling higher automation and efficiency.

•Adopting changes: adoption of new work practices is key to success, technologies like Gamification  can be used to help professionals measure their performance and change their habits. • As a result of a Dreaming Session, Xerox addressees Finance executives concerns related to automation and outsourcing supported by state of the art technologies

Finance Accounting