Innovation in Customer Care

The next wave of customer care will be data driven. Xerox helps companies to leverage their existing data assets to deliver a more consistent, accurate and personal care experience across the care-mix of contact centre, self-help and social media.

European research is conducted along the following three axes :

 Augmenting agent performance  

  • Xerox Agent Performance Indicator brings KPI insights and gamification to the agent desktop 
  • AgentIQ  analyses customer queries to more quickly find the accurate solution 
  • Xerox Simplification Tool helps the agent get the right information at the right time

Understanding the Voice of the Customer

  • Empath : Xerox Social media analytics dashboard for business intelligence 
  • Sentiment Analysis : understands the different kinds of sentiment expressed in comments

Automating and enhancing the self help experience
Virtual Agent : a self-care tool that understands natural language question, solves the queries and learns from every interaction. 

Machine learning, natural language interaction and knowledge management are helping achieve this ambitious goal.