Transportation Services

Dreaming Sessions for Transportation Services welcome executives from Transportation Organization, State & City Agencies in charge of transportation, Transportation Operators as well as Parking Providers. As mega cities are blooming around the world, giving access to necessary resources becomes a real challenge. Transportation services are also very different from what they would be in a smaller scale city. People also change the way they use transportation: Smarter Mobility research at Xerox aims at helping cities,

Video: How to Make Parking Smarter with Onno Zoeter

transportation operators and citizens in their travel experience. Dreaming Sessions help participants share their vision of transportation in their respective domains and understand where Xerox advanced technologies can be applied to deliver an excellent traveller’s experience.

Transportation Analytics: Xerox provides cities and public transport operators with sophisticated analytics software used to better understand the use of infrastructures, even with limited data, such as bus tickets. Data analytics can also be used to predict the impact of changes on user’s behaviors.

Demand Management: influencing behaviours in transportation can lead to optimal use of transportation infrastructure using Algorithmic Mechanism Design . The Parking Dynamic Pricing engine as used managed to change drivers’ parking habits and significantly reduced congestion in downtown Los Angeles.

Transportation services

Computer Vision  applied to transportation: smart image processing techniques are used to provide a user seamless parking experience, by analysing license plates. This can enable ticket-less parking, or a detailed understanding of user habits in airport parking for instance.

 Customers participating in Dreaming Sessions in Transportation are able to drive and test the Xerox offering.