Advanced Development Laboratory

Manager: Victor Ciriza

The mission of the Advanced Development Lab aligns around three axes:

  • Validation and realization of results from Xerox fundamental research
  • Transfer of innovative technologies to the business
  • Technology incubation

ADL members are software experts who also have a deep understanding of research topics and associated techniques. They make research applicable to business needs. All ADL members are certified in Design for Lean Six Sigma for Software and practice agile development.
Innovation is at the core of all the projects implemented in ADL.
For example, ADL developed Smarter Document Management Technologies CategoriX which automatically categorizes textual documents and the Generic Visual Toolbox for image classification These technologies have shown to generate significant saving for our customers, and are regularly deployed in our services contracts. Other projects include

  • Creation of an environment on a Tangible User Interface (TUI) to showcase our content processing capacities for document review in litigation.
  • In collaboration with our partners, a powerful solution to provide remote assistance on Xerox devices, with virtual interaction between the user and remote troubleshooters.
  • Development and deployment of unique very advanced optimization techniques for printer fleet power management, maximizing savings while minimizing the impact on the end user.
  • Design and Incubation of an environment to share digital assets such as photos and videos. This technology automatically structures a large set of photos to create a unique user experience when browsing the set, and also generates new content from the content provided by the users.

ADL also participates with the other labs in French national and European collaborative and open innovation projects including ALADIN and CACAO.