With the widespread circulation and dissemination of data in a hyperconnected world of services, personal data protection expands far beyond the perceptions and concerns traditionally associated with privacy.

This new thinking involves multiple areas of expertise (legal, politics, sociology, technology, economics, business) that typically evolve along different perspectives and cycles. Under such conditions, no one has the authority to negotiate a consensus among all the different stakeholders.

One can anticipate that the time needed to elaborate a consensus on privacy in the digital world and to implement acceptable solutions will be huge. Meanwhile, privacy issues will grow at an impressive pace due to new technologies, offerings and practices induced by the internet and even more so with the upcoming internet of things.

Our research on Privacy and Personal Data Protection is conducted in the framework of the MOBINET project (Co-funded by the European Commission - DG CONNECT under the 7th EU Framework Programme). This project aims at developing a Europe-Wide Platform for Connected Mobility Services. Our contribution focuses on developing a MOBiNET Privacy Framework, addressing in the Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design concerns at the core of upcoming EU Data Protection regulations.