Service and Business Process Modeling

This line of research developed in consideration of the increasing need for Business Agility, i.e. the capability for an enterprise to continuously absorb business complexity and competitively adapt to changes. This theme covers multiple research challenges central to service science, including:

-  agile management of business processes from design to execution

-  domain specific modelling tools to integrate business innovation and capabilities in the heart of business processes (try the Xeproc modelling tool)

-  constant monitoring and optimization of processes

In particular, our research addresses means to mutualize design know-how and operational practices in such a way as to make it easier and more effective to reuse them across a variety of new deployments. Concerns behind this approach include the consistent representation of modeling artifacts, model transformations, process monitoring and better governance of design changes across business processes.

We experiment with a wide variety of techniques and approaches to bring innovation into the modelling space, including Model to Model transformation techniques, integration of video analysis or Semantic Web standards.

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