Big Data and Analytics

Big Data in Customer Care

“Data is the new oil” and a Customer / Brand relationship generates a lot of data. Whether this is Internal data (CRM, Operation metrics, knowledge base, marketing data) or External Data (Social Media, competition), mining this resource helps to understand one’s customers.

Guillaume Bouchard discussing machine learning

Data mining can be used is several ways, from understanding hidden trends in social media’s chatter to predict the best way to answer a specific call received by the contact center agent.

Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

Social media has changed how consumers interact with brands; removing barriers to how they look for support, recommend an brand or vent frustration.

Xerox research built Empath , a platform to drive actionable intelligence and customer engagement from your social media traffic.

At XRCE, research continues to improve the accuracy and granularity of the sentiment analysis functionality, and extend reporting to include automatic user profiling.

Call Center Predictive Analytics

Given the huge collection of multi-channel interactions with content and meta-data happening in a contact centre, we leverage text analytics to improve productivity, processes and customers satisfaction.

XRCE researchers developed new data analysis techniques to better understand call centre operations, identify issues and recommend actions, such as automatically selecting the optimal interaction channel or anticipating critical situations.