Next Generation Print Services

For decade Xerox is offering Managed Print Services to their customers in order to take care for them about their printer fleet. By rationalizing the number of devices, Xerox is able to move an existing fleet to a less expensive one by respecting customer usage and productivity, just by optimizing device number and location. Also, Xerox is able to simplify the billing to a fix price per page, by ensuring always working printers (up to date and full of consumable).

Today printer devices optimization for most of customers is done and customers want to reduce their paper volume. By continuing to preserve productivity, Xerox investigates ways to identify business processes which waste paper in order to propose digital alternatives which will even increase the productivity. Furthermore, Xerox guides end users to reduce their paper volume by providing feedback and concrete motivation to do so.

Identify high paper volume processes

Managed Print Services

The Document Content Analytics project aims to deduct documents usage inside a corporation by analysing automatically print and scan documents based on their visual representation. Based on such information, Xerox consultants will know which process consume a lot of paper and need to be optimized. It is based on visual machine learning technics able to learn and reproduce how a human classify document usages. Efficient visual elements of a document as well as best classification algorithms are studied here, especially when document need to be anonymized for privacy concern. One of the difficulties of this topic is to engage as less as possible a human in the identification process by helping them to give only few pertinent examples to the system.

This quantitative information is complementary to the already existing qualitative document usage identification done through surveys but which request too many end customer involvement.

Guide end user to better usage of paper

The Print Awareness Tool helps employees to understand the true impact of their print activity on the environment. It provides them with awareness about their print behaviour and with information that helps them make better choices concerning what, how and why they print. It provides real-time information and quickly identifies opportunities to improve efficiency. It also helps to optimize the company’s overall managed print services environment.

  • More concretely, the PAT provides a set of new capabilities and insights, including:
  • Easy-to-use interactive desktop interface
  • Print savings account showing employees how much they are saving each month
  • Tips for improving print efficiency
  • Ability to set up a reward system to encourage print reductions
  • Tools for measuring individual print usage and comparing it with organizational goals and other employees’ usage

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