Xerox Print Awareness Tool

The Xerox® Print Awareness Tool (PAT) helps companies to reduce waste related to printing. Indeed, in office environments, typically up to 20% of pages printed are never collected at the printer, thus directly ending up in the waste basket. These documents could be saved in the first place. Companies, on one hand, are aware of this paper waste and want to reduce it. However, they often do not know in detail why and how their employees use paper do their work. Employees, on the other hand, are also aware of paper waste, but they often do not relate it to their own behaviour. They do not have a precise idea about their personal paper consumption, nor about the one of their work group or their company as a whole. In consequence, employees do not know what to change to reduce paper waste.

Here, PAT helps employees understand the true impact of their print activity on the environment. It provides them with awareness about their print behaviour and with information that helps them make better choices concerning what, how and why they print. It provides real-time information and quickly identifies opportunities to improve efficiency. It also helps to optimize the company’s overall managed print services environment.

More concretely, the PAT provides a set of new capabilities and insights, including:

  • Easy-to-use interactive desktop interface
  • Print savings account showing employees how much they are saving each month
  • Tips for improving print efficiency
  • Ability to set up a reward system to encourage print reductions
  • Tools for measuring individual print usage and comparing it with organizational goals and other employees’ usage

Companies want their employees to print « better »: motivating employees to do so is a real challenge. « Print Awareness Tool » is a self-motivating tool appearing on everyone’s desktop as a flower losing petals if a print behaviour is not environment friendly, typically if one prints simplex instead of duplex, or prints emails in excess. Everyone can assess his own print behaviour, benchmark with peers and is gratified with a « green points » currency when his behaviour improves.

How it works

When PAT is deployed at a customer site it takes the employees’ recent print behaviour as a baseline. From there it computes, for each user, a personalized print budget. Then, users’ are invited to register. At that point, in order to raise initial awareness, PAT first asks each user to accomplish a quick self-assessment about his printing habits and consumption. It then confronts the user with a comparison between their self-estimated - and their real, observed behaviour. As both often differ, this generally produces a motivating “Aha! Effect”.

PAT then comes as a widget, permanently sitting on the employee’s desktop, and providing him with continuous awareness on his behaviour. In its simplest form the widget displays a flower losing its petals over time, intuitively materializing the impact of the employee’s printing activity on the environment. The widget provides quasi real-time feedback about the employee’s print consumption. Therefore, PAT dynamically intercepts the employee’s print jobs, computes their environmental cost (according to their volume and the selected print settings), and updates the flower accordingly. When users print, they consume print points. Reduced consumption creates savings. Finally, habits change as users see the savings they can create.

Beyond the flower widget, an interactive, always available, easily accessible dashboard allows the user to dive into more detail. It uses graphics to visualize individual print usage. So, employees can take an active role in helping their organization reach energy and print reduction targets. Employees can view information about their efforts and earn points that represent sustainable savings. This isn’t another print policy from the boardroom. Don’t think corporate enforcement; think corporate reinforcement. So it’s easy, fun and rewarding to participate. In just a short time, employees see the good and the bad and understand how to change behaviour to make a real difference to the social, environmental and economic bottom line. PAT enables companies furthermore to motivate and engage their employees in the effort by letting them reinvest their savings, for instance into corporate-funded actions for the environment.

PAT How it works

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