Ethnography in customer care

Everything starts with observation. In order to improve the customer experience one needs to observe and analyse what this experience actually is. XRCE Work Practice Technology team study how people communicate and interact with technologies and artefacts, and they did so in the customer care environment.

Improving technical support

Looking at how Xerox multifunction devices’ users react to a device outage, our researchers devised the Xerox Virtual Helpdesk tool that allows:

  • Customers to call trouble-shooter directly from device
  • Connection to expert – display shows actual state of machine •
  • Sophisticated collaboration mechanism improves customer satisfaction

Insights from work practice and analytics studies in call centres

The combination of XRCE ethnographers field observations on the work practices in call centres and an statistical analysis of the various performance metrics available led to the following insight:

  • It is difficult for agents to assess their performance and the impact it has on the service. Agent’s motivation is impacted by this lack of visibility.  
  • The agent engagement also suffers from a haphazard communication/feedback from his team leader,
  • The rapidly changing technical and business environment is hard to keep up with
  • The analysis of the call centre's metrics doesn’t show a simple relationship between Key Process Indicators and Customer Satisfaction

Xerox Agent Performance Indicator

Based on the insights above, researchers created the Xerox Agent Performance Indicator  (XAPI) which addresses the three following aspects:

  • Increase awareness
  • Facilitate coaching and communication
  • Motivate through Gamification (recognition and incentives)