Intelligent Transport

XRCE has been applying its research and development competencies since 2010 to the design of new Intelligent transport technologies to enable smart  , seamless   and safe   mobility.

Video: Xerox Mobility Marketplace - Seamlessly Integrating Different Modes of Transportation

We work with our Transportation Services   business, the largest provider of Intelligent Transport Solutions to governments worldwide, and with cities around the world to apply and pilot our research with real data on real problems.

Today, there are 22 megacities of more than 10 million people and in the next 10 years there will be 37. Providing energy, clean water, sanitation and transportation systems to these megacities is both a challenge and a necessity. Cities will have to successfully manage traffic flows, land use and pollution to be attractive places to live and encourage economic growth.



2016 Highlights

  • Xerox announces launch of Mobility Companion Platform, a solution to provide to travelers an integrated view of all transportation services available in a region. At the core of the solution, XRCE has developed a unique multimodal trip planner engine.
  • Xerox launches GOLA and GODenver smart phone applications. The design of the application is grounded in the Work Practice studies of XRCE around the topic of supporting sustainable commuting.
  • Presented Multimodal Trip planner technology in the European Intelligent Transport Systems congress.   
  • Video: Automated Vehicle Passenger Detection System.  French Version: D├ętection automatique du nombre de passagers

    XRCE pilots vehicle passenger detection system in France-Switzerland border. Defining intelligent transport systems that can enforce vehicle occupancy is key to the development of resources dedicated to carpooling and Xerox is the only company having developed successfully this technology (See video on right).
  • Xerox announces Seamless, a disruptive universal mobile payment solution. XRCE contributed to the invention of the payment mechanism .   
  •  Research presented for a data-driven mobility analytics in the Intelligent Transport Systems Asia-Pacific Forum .


2015 Highlights

  • XRCE presents its technology vision for urban mobility during French EcoCit├ęs annual meeting (See above video: Xerox Mobility Marketpace)
  • Launched the Mobility Analytics Platform , a unique analytics solution enabling to understand and predict mobility patterns in cities, issued from the work of XRCE and leveraging its Data Analytics competencies.


2014 Highlights

Video: Dynamic pricing makes on street parking simple with Onno Zoeter

Video: Dynamic pricing makes on street parking simple with Onno Zoeter