Transforming Customer Care

From omni-channel interactions and care automation to gamification, research at XRCE is empowering contact centre agents and transforming them into Customer Experience Managers.

Video: Transforming Customer Care with Monica Beltrametti

Many care centres simply weren’t built to manage the complex customer interactions happening today. Multiple desktop applications and insufficient feedback lead to frustration, stress, lower efficiency, and turnover in call centres.

XRCE has invented technologies that support call centre agents with real-time statistics about their performance and introduces Gamification to further support performance awareness and motivation.

Contact centres collect a lot of raw data, however it's challenging to deliver insight that fuels better decisions. Xerox analytics unlock the value of unstructured data in contact centers. 

Virtual Agent

The first generation of automation technologies failed to maintain a human-touch and the current knowledge bases are too static to keep up with changes. Today, with knowledge management, natural-language processing and machine learning, automation is set to change how brands manage customer interactions.