Natural Language Processing

A huge amount of information is stored or communicated in the form of natural language. But it is difficult to make use of this information without asking people to read or listen it all.  

In our European research centre in Grenoble (France), we teach computers to read, understand and act. Our research in natural language processing creates algorithms and technology which not only makes this information accessible, but also comprehensible, integrated, and actionable, as demonstrated in the fields of healthcarelitigationcustomer care  and finance .

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Our research spans from mathematical models that describe better sequences of characters or words (language modeling), vector-based representation of words , to better and more generic methods of transforming text into knowledge , and generate back text. We work in many domains and across many languages. Our research team has leading experts in natural language processing, computational linguistics, knowledge representation, machine learning and text mining. 



Guillaume Bouchard describes what machine learning is and how we anticipate it transforming the delivery of customer care.