We partner with organisations to advance research and development and, in certain cases, improve time to market. Every partnership is different but each one usually includes the 3 elements of people, processes or technology with varying emphasis. 

XRCE works with several organisations in the Rhône-Alpes region in France which is rich in hi-tech expertise and technology in a number of industries. Other partnerships and open and collaborative innovation initiatives  include the development of language specific tools, specialised imaging and exchanges within the Xerox University Affairs program.

The European Centre is a member of the French competitive clusters 'Cap Digital'  and 'Minalogic '. It is a project coordinator and partner of a number of European Union  projects and French Government  projects.

Working with our customers is an important part of how we innovate. Xerox runs a 'Customer Led Innovation' program which is piloted out of Europe. This brings together researchers and customers to capture customer insights and allow our researchers to co-create future technology services.

Technology Licensing

XRCE licenses technology for research and teaching purposes to universities. Over a 100 institutions throughout the world currently hold a license for our linguistics technology. For more information on licensing visit the Xerox Intellectual Property Office .