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The fisher kernel: A versatile tool for visual pattern analysis

Florent Perronnin, Gabriela Csurka, Luca Marchesotti, Yan Liu, Marco Bressan

IEVC (Image Electronics and Visual Computing), Nice, France, 5-7 March 2010

Ref. : 2009/075  |  Abstract

On aggregating binary relations using integer linear programming

Julien Ah-Pine

The 11th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics - ISAIM 2010, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 6-8, 2010

Ref. : 2009/074  |  Abstract

A reformulation of the semantic gap problem in content-based image retrieval scenarios

Tommaso Colombino, David Martin, Antonietta Grasso, Luca Marchesotti

COOP 2010 (9th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems), Aix en Provence, France, 19-21 May, 2010

Ref. : 2009/073  |  Abstract

Video demo of "DISCO: Intelligent help for document review"

Caroline Privault, Yves Hoppenot, Gregory Bauduin, Jacki O'Neill, Jean-Michel Renders, Victor Ciriza

15 April 2010
Video available on Xerox website

Ref. : 2009/072  |  Abstract

Hypotheses, Evidence and Relationships: The HypER Approach for Representing Scientific Knowledge Claims

Anita de Waard, Simon Buckingham Shum, Annamaria Carusi, Jack Park, Matthias Samwald, Agnes Sandor

ISWC 2009, the 8th International Semantic Web Conference, Westfields Conference Center near Washington, DC., USA, 25-29 October 2009. The article is available on this internet website : The Open University

Ref. : 2009/066  |  Abstract

Retrieval Constraints and Word Frequency Distributions : a Log-Logistic Model for IR

Stéphane Clinchant, Eric Gaussier

CIKM 2009 (18th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management), Hong Kong, November 2-6, 2009

Ref. : 2009/063  |  Abstract

A Continuum between Serendipitous Browsing and Query-based Search for Multimedia Information Access

Julien Ah-Pine, Jean-Michel Renders, Marie-Luce Viaud

AMR 2009 (International Conference on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval), Madrid, Spain, 24-25 September, 2009

Ref. : 2009/062  |  Abstract

Multimedia Feature Extraction in the SAPIR Project

Aaron Kaplan, Jonathan Mamou, Francesco Gallo, Benjamin Sznajder

UIMA Workshop @ GSCL 2009 (German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology) Potsdam, Germany, Sep. 30, 2009

Ref. : 2009/061  |  Abstract  |  2009-061.pdf (149.47 kB)

Natural Language Processing to detect Risk Patterns related to Hospital Acquired Infections

Denys Proux, Pierre Marchal, Frederique Segond, Ivan Kergourlay, Stéfan Damoni, Suzanne Pereira, Quentin Gicquel, Marie Hélène Metzger

RANLP 2009 (International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing) Borovets, Bulgaria, 14-16 September, 2009

Ref. : 2009/059  |  Abstract

Structure Learning for Language Processing

Yizhao Ni, Craig Saunders, Sandor Szedmak, Mahesan Niranjan

MLSP 2009 (IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing), Grenoble France, 2-4 Septembre, 2009

Ref. : 2009/058  |  Abstract