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The publications database contains scientific papers and technical reports written by XRCE scientists for over the last two décades.

 If the document you are looking for cannot be downloaded in PDF or Postscript format, please contact us specifying the title, author(s) and reference. Any document downloaded from this database may be used for non-commercial purposes only.

From Parallel Grammar Development to Machine Translation

Anette Frank

Miriam Butt, Stefanie Dipper, Anette Frank and Tracy Holloway King (1999): Writing Large-Scale Parallel Grammars for English, French, and German

Ref. : 1999/305  |  Abstract  | (237.76 kB)

Writing Large-Scale Parallel Grammars for English, French, and German

Miriam Butt, Stefanie Dipper, Anette Frank, Tracy Holloway King

Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King (eds): Proceedings of the LFG99 Conference, University of Manchester

Ref. : 1999/304  |  Abstract

Coordination et analyse du français écrit dans le cadre de la grammaire lexicale fonctionnelle

Caroline Brun

Revue électronique les enjeux de l'information et de la communication

Ref. : 1999/303  |  Abstract  |  gresec.pdf (92.05 kB)

Accès unique à des dictionnaires hétérogènes

Mathieu Mangeot-Lerebours

Proc. LTT'99, Beyrouth, Liban, pp 9. (To appear)

Ref. : 1999/302  |  Abstract  |  paper.pdf (72.49 kB)

Light Parsing as Finite-State Filtering

Greg Grefenstette

Extended Finite State Models of Language.Editor: Andras Kornai. Cambridge University Press, 1999.

Ref. : 1999/301  |  Abstract


Greg Grefenstette

Syntactic Wordclass Tagging. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1999

Ref. : 1999/300  |  Abstract

Optimizing Web Queries through Semantic Caching

Boris Chidlovskii, Claudia Roncancio, Marie-Luise Schneider

Proc. 15èmes Journées Bases de Données Avancées, (BDA'99) , 25-27 Octobre 1999, Bordeaux, France

Ref. : 1999/213  |  Abstract  | (72.52 kB)

Distributed Print on Demand Systems in the Xpect Framework

Jean-Marc Andreoli, Francois Pacull

Journal of Distributed and Parallel Databases, 7(2) April 1999

Ref. : 1999/212  |  Abstract  |  dist.pdf.gz (108.91 kB)  | (69.54 kB)

Road Recognition Using Fuzzy Classifiers

Jimi Shanahan, Barry Thomas, Majid Mirmehdi, Neill Campbell, Trevor Martin, James Baldwin

Proceedings of British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC)1999, Nottingham, UK

Ref. : 1999/211  |  Abstract  |  BMVC99.pdf (120.58 kB)

Focussing and Proof-Nets in Linear and Non-Commutative Logic

Jean-Marc Andreoli, Roberto Maieli

Proc. of 6th Int'l conference on Logic in Programming and Automated Reasoning (LPAR'99), Tbilisi, Rep. of Georgia, Sept. 6-10, 1999

Ref. : 1999/210  |  Abstract  |  paper.pdf.gz (120.12 kB)  | (68.88 kB)