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Optimality Theory Style Constraint Ranking in Large-Scale LFG Grammars
Anette Frank, Tracy Holloway King, Jonas Kuhn, John Maxwell

Peter Sells (ed): Optimality Theoretic Syntax, CSLI Publications (to appear)

Tense in LFG : Syntax and Morphology
Anette Frank, Annie Zaenen

Hans Kamp and Uwe Reyle: 'Tense and Aspect Now. Contributions to the Theroy of Tense and Aspect in 1998.' Festschrift for Prof. Christian Rohrer, Niemeyer, Tübingen (to appear)

Finite-State Non-Concatenative Morphotactics
Ken Beesley, Lauri Karttunen

SIGPHON-2000. Proceedincs of the Fifth ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology. p. 1-12. Aug. 6, 2000. Luxembourg.

Applications of Finite-State Transducers in Natural Language Processing
Lauri Karttunen

Proceedings of CIAA-2000. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Verlag.

Robust Parsing and Beyond
Jean-Pierre Chanod

Robustness in Language Technology, G. Van Noord and JC Junqua eds, Kluwer, 2000

Traitement du langage naturel et recherche d'information : quelques experiences sur le francais
Eric Gaussier, Greg Grefenstette, Bruno Maximilian Schulze

Ressources et Evaluation en Ingenierie des Langues. De Boeck Universite. AUPELF-UREF

Wrapper Generation by k-Reversible Grammar Induction
Boris Chidlovskii

ECAI'00 Machine Learning for Information Extraction Workshop, Berlin, August 2000

Automatic Wrapper Generation for Web Search Engines
Boris Chidlovskii, Jon Ragetli, Maarten de Rijke

The 1st Intern. Conf. on Web-Age Information Management (WAIM'2000), Shanghai, China, June 2000

Focussing and Proof construction
Jean-Marc Andreoli

Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 107(1), pp 131-163, Elsevier

Wrapper Generation via Grammar Induction
Boris Chidlovskii, Jon Ragetli, Maarten de Rijke

11th European Conference on Machine Learning, Barcelona, Spain, May 2000