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Focussing Proof-Net Construction as a Middleware Paradigm
Jean-Marc Andreoli

Proc. of Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE), Copenhagen, Denmark, July 27-30, 2002.

Design and Deployment of Community Systems: Reflections on the Campiello Experience
Alessandra Agostini, G De Michelis, M Divitini, Antonietta Grasso, Dave Snowdon

Elsevier, Interacting with Computers Journal, Volume 14, Issue 4, May 2002.

A Software Infrastructure for Negotiation within Inter-Organisational Alliances
Mihnea Bratu, Jean-Marc Andreoli, Olivier Boissier, Stefania Castellani

In Proc. of AAMAS'02 Workshop on Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce, Bologna, Italy, 16 July 2002.

Linguistic Processing of Biomedical Texts
Caroline Hagege, Agnes Sandor, Anne Schiller

Proceedings of PorTAL 2002, Portugal for Natural Language processing, Taro, Portugal, June 23-26, 2002.

Insertions et interprétation des expressions pronominales
François Trouilleux

Proc. of TALN 2002, Nancy, France, 24-27 juin 2002.

Enriching a text by semantic disambiguation for information extraction
Bernard Jacquemin, Caroline Brun, Claude Roux

Conference Proceedings LREC, Las Palmas, Spain, June 2, 2002.

XFolders: A Flexible Workflow System based on Electronic Circulation Folders
Stefania Castellani, Francois Pacull

In Proc. of the DEXA'02 Workshop on Web-Based Collaboration, Aix-en-Provence, France, September 2002.

Word-Sequence Kernels
Nicola Cancedda, Eric Gaussier, Cyril Goutte, Jean-Michel Renders

The Journal of Machine Learning Research

Mixing manual and Computer supported initiative for scheduling and negotiation across distributed organizations
Stefania Castellani, Antonietta Grasso

In Proc. of ECEC 2002, Modena, Italy. 15 April 2002.