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Pollen: Virtual Networks That Use People as Carriers
Nathalie Glance, Dave Snowdon

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing (HUC 99), Poster Abstract

Semantic Caching of Web Queries
Boris Chidlovskii, Uwe Borghoff

Very Large DataBases Journal, Special issue "Databases and the Web", Vol. 9(1), pp. 2-17, 2000

Augmenting Recommender Systems by Embedding Interfaces into Practices
Antonietta Grasso, Michael Koch, Alessandro Rancati

Proceedings of GROUP'99, 14-17 November, Phoenix, Arizona, US

Phrase-Driven Parser
Claude Roux

Proceedings of VEXTALL 99, Venezia, San Servolo, V.I.U. - 22-24 November 1999

Generation with Semantic Proof Nets
Sylvain Pogodalla

Research Report XRCE-MLTT/INRIA

Pollen : Virtual Networks that use people as carriers
Nathalie Glance, Dave Snowdon, Jean-Luc Meunier

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing (HUC 99)

Making Recommender Systems Work for Organizations
Nathalie Glance, Damian Arregui, Manfred Dardenne

Proceedings of PAAM'99, London, UK, April 19-21, 1999.

WSD evaluation and the looking glass
Frederique Segond, Elisabeth Aimelet, Corinne Jean, Veronika Lux

TALN-98, Cargese, July 1999

Exploring gardens of information, culture and language
Dave Snowdon, Antonietta Grasso, Frederique Segond

Workshop on Arcadian Virtuality, i3 Spring Days, Sitges, Spain, March 1999.

A Dictionary based architecture for word sense disambiguation
Elisabeth Aimelet, Caroline Brun, Laurent Griot, Frederique Segond

ACL, Maryland, USA