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The publications database contains scientific papers and technical reports written by XRCE scientists for over the last two decades.

If the document you are looking for cannot be downloaded in PDF or Postscript format, please contact us specifying the title, author(s) and reference. Any document downloaded from this database may be used for non-commercial purposes only.

Flow Network Models for Word Alingment and Terminology Extraction from Bilingual Corpora

Eric Gaussier

Proceedings of the 36th Annual Meeting of the association for Computational Linguistics and the 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, COLING-ACL'98. Montreal, Canada.

Ref. : 1998/301  |  Abstract  | (50.08 kB)

The Problem of Cross Language Information Retrieval.

Greg Grefenstette

Cross-Language Information Retrieval. Editor: Gregory Grefenstette. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 1998.

Ref. : 1998/300  |  Abstract

Distributed Print on Demand Systems in the Xpect Framework

Jean-Marc Andreoli, Francois Pacull

Proc. of TREC, June 3-5, 1998, Hamburg, Germany

Ref. : 1998/218  |  Abstract  |  dist.pdf.gz (107.83 kB)  | (58.80 kB)

Campiello - New user interface approaches for community networks

Antonietta Grasso, Michael Koch, Dave Snowdon

Workshop Designing Across Borders: The Community Design of Community Networks at CSCW'98 (Seattle, WA)

Ref. : 1998/217  |  Abstract  |  CommunityNetworksWorkshop.html (16.56 kB)  |  CommunityNetworksWorkshop0.jpg (25.64 kB)  |  CommunityNetworksWorkshop1.jpg (24.74 kB)

Signature File Methods for Semantic Query Caching

Boris Chidlovskii, Uwe Borghoff

LNCS 1513, Proc. of the 2nd European Conf. on Digital Libraries, September, 1998, Greece

Ref. : 1998/216  |  Abstract  | (72.42 kB)

Memories and Local Communities: An Experience in Venice

Alessandra Agostini, Valeria Giannella, Antonietta Grasso, Renata Tinini

Designing Collective Memories, 7th Le Travail Humain Workshop, September 14, 1998, Paris, France

Ref. : 1998/215  |  Abstract  | (139.98 kB)

Cat's Cradle: Working with other people in overlapping real and virtual worlds through tangled strands of visual and other media

Peter Robinson, Samuli Pekkola, Dave Snowdon

proc. of CRIWG'98 Fourth International Workshop on Groupware, September 1998, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ref. : 1998/214  |  Abstract  | (1.26 MB)

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Agents in Campiello

Michael Koch

Proc. of Workshop on Intelligent Agents, CSCW'98, September 1998, Dortmund, Germany

Ref. : 1998/213  |  Abstract  |  paper.pdf (29.72 kB)

Putting recommender systems to work for organizations

Nathalie Glance

Proc. of Workshop on Recommender Systems, AAAI'98, July 1998, Madison, WI, U.S.A.

Ref. : 1998/212  |  Abstract  |  paper.txt (6.24 kB)

Subjectivity in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Dave Snowdon, Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro

proc. of workshop on System Aspects of Sharing a Virtual Reality, at CVE'98, June 1998, Manchester,UK

Ref. : 1998/211  |  Abstract  | (71.62 kB)