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Knowledge Pump: Supporting the Flow and Use of Knowledge

Nathalie Glance, Damian Arregui, Manfred Dardenne

Springer Verlag, Borghoff, U. and Pareschi, R. (Eds), Information Technology for Knowledge Management, 1998

Ref. : 1998/202  |  Abstract  | (132.58 kB)

Collaborative Information Gathering

Antonietta Grasso, Uwe Borghoff, Nathalie Glance, Jutta Willamowski

Proc. of the Int'l. Conf. EuroMedia/WEBTEC, January 5-7, 1998, Leicester, U.K.

Ref. : 1998/201  |  Abstract  | (254.45 kB)

Fluctuating Efforts and Sustainable Cooperation

Bernardo Huberman, Nathalie Glance

Simulating Organizations, Eds. M.Prietula, K.Carley and L. Gasser, MIT Press, 1998

Ref. : 1998/200  |  Abstract

Enhancement of Document Images from Cameras

M J Taylor, Chris Dance

"Enhancement of Document Images from Cameras." M.Taylor and C. Dance. Proceedings of IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 1998: Document Recognition V, pp230- 241.

Ref. : 1998/112  |  Abstract  |  Enhancement-of-document-images-from-cameras.pdf (368.84 kB)

Automatic Processing of Document Annotations

Jacob Stevens, Andrew Gee, Chris Dance

"Automatic Processing of Document Annotations." J.Stevens, A.Gee, C.Dance. Proceedings of 9th British Machine Vision Conference, pp. 438-448, 1998.

Ref. : 1998/111  |  Abstract  |  Automatic-Processing-of-Document-Annotation.pdf (191.00 kB)

Look-Back and Look-Ahead in the Conversion of Hidden Markov Models into Finite-State Transducers

Andre Kempe

Proc. NeMLaP'98, Sydney, Australia, pp. 29-37

Ref. : 1998/003  |  Abstract  |  mltt-97-04.pdf (211.81 kB)  | (60.69 kB)

Lexicalized Proof Nets in Pomset Logic and TAGs

Sylvain Pogodalla

Proc. LACL 98, Grenoble, France. LNCS/LNAI vol. 2014.

Ref. : 1998/002  |  Abstract  |  pogodalla-lacl98.pdf (182.56 kB)

Crossing the border: Document coordination and the integration of processes in a distributed organisation.

Pernille Marqvardsen

Wakayama, T. et al. (Eds.), Information and Process Integration in Enterprises: Rethinking Documents. Dordrecht: Kluwer, pp. 109-124.

Ref. : 1998-110  |  Abstract

Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Notes on the Deployment ProblemIn Workplace Studies

Bob Anderson

To be published in: Workplace Studies: Recovering Work Practice and Informing System Design, Luff, Hindmarsh and Heath (eds.), Cambridge University Press. Recovering Work Practice and Informing System Design, Paul Luff, Jon Hindmarsh and Christian Heat

Ref. : 1998-108  |  Abstract  |  EPC-1998-108.pdf (49.17 kB)  | (712.17 kB)

Galilean Nemesis: Notes on Video Ethics in HCI

Bob Anderson

Xerox Technical Report

Ref. : 1998-107  |  Abstract  |  EPC-1998-107.pdf (25.29 kB)  | (407.84 kB)