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The publications database contains scientific papers and technical reports written by XRCE scientists for over the last two décades.

 If the document you are looking for cannot be downloaded in PDF or Postscript format, please contact us specifying the title, author(s) and reference. Any document downloaded from this database may be used for non-commercial purposes only.

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Agents in Campiello

Michael Koch

Proc. of Workshop on Intelligent Agents, CSCW'98, September 1998, Dortmund, Germany

Ref. : 1998/213  |  Abstract  |  paper.pdf (29.72 kB)

Putting recommender systems to work for organizations

Nathalie Glance

Proc. of Workshop on Recommender Systems, AAAI'98, July 1998, Madison, WI, U.S.A.

Ref. : 1998/212  |  Abstract  |  paper.txt (6.24 kB)

Subjectivity in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Dave Snowdon, Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro

proc. of workshop on System Aspects of Sharing a Virtual Reality, at CVE'98, June 1998, Manchester,UK

Ref. : 1998/211  |  Abstract  | (71.62 kB)

Fluctuating Efforts and Sustainable Cooperation

Bernardo Huberman, Nathalie Glance

Simulating Organizations: Computational Models of Institutions and Groups, Ed: M. Prietula and K. Carley, MIT Press

Ref. : 1998/210  |  Abstract  | (208.33 kB)

Collaborative Virtual Environments: an introductory review of issues and systems

Elizabeth Churchill, Dave Snowdon

Virtual Reality: Research, Development and Application, Springer-Verlag, 1998

Ref. : 1998/209  |  Abstract  | (608.40 kB)

Awareness - The Common Link Between Groupware and Community Support Systems

Hans Schlichter, Michael Koch, Chengmao Xu

LNCS, Proc. of the 1st Meeting on Social Informatics, June, 1998, Kyoto, Japan

Ref. : 1998/208  |  Abstract  | (84.52 kB)

Intelligent Paper

Marc Dymetman, Max Copperman

Springer-Verlag, LNCS 1375, Proc. of Electronic Publishing '98, April, 1998, Saint Malo, France

Ref. : 1998/207  |  Abstract  | (75.80 kB)

Query Translation for Distributed Information Gathering on the Web

Boris Chidlovskii, Uwe Borghoff

Proc. of the Int'l Database Engineering and Applications Symposium, July, 1998, UK

Ref. : 1998/206  |  Abstract  | (90.35 kB)

The Coordination technology Area at XRCE Grenoble. The Research in Support of Distributed Cooperative Work

Jean-Marc Andreoli, Christer Fernstrom, Nathalie Glance, Antonietta Grasso

ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin, April 1998

Ref. : 1998/205  |  Abstract  |  cooperative-work.pdf (52.46 kB)

Towards Optimal Indexing for Segment Databases

Elisa Bertino, Barbara Catania, Boris Chidlovskii

LNCS 1377, Proc. of the EDBT Conference, March, 1998, Valencia, Spain

Ref. : 1998/204  |  Abstract  |  segment-databases.pdf (232.70 kB)