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CamWorks: A Video-based Tool for Efficient Capture from Paper Source Documents
William Newman, Chris Dance, Alex Taylor, Stuart Taylor, Tony Aldhous, Michael Taylor

Proc. The International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems, 7-11 June 1999, Florence, Italy.

Satchel: Providing Access to Any Document, Any Time, Anywhere
Mik Lamming, Marge Eldridge, Mike Flynn, Chris Jones, David Pendlebury

Mik Lamming, Marge Eldridge, Mike Flynn, Chris Jones & David Pendlebury. Satchel: Providing access to any document, any time, anywhere. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, Vol. 7, No. 3, September 2000, Pages 322-352.

Getting Some Perspective: Using Process Descriptions toIndex Document History
Paul Dourish, Dik Bentley, Rachel Jones, Allan MacLean

Proc. of Group '99, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A., 14-17 November 1999.

The Satchel System Architecture:Mobile Access to Documents and Services
Mike Flynn, David Pendlebury, Chris Jones, Marge Eldridge, Mik Lamming

The Satchel system architecture: Mobile access to documents and services. Mike Flynn, David Pendlebury, Chris Jones, Marge Eldridge, Mik Lamming. Mobile Networks and Applications 5 (2000) 243-258.

On “Technomethodology”:Foundational Relationships between Ethnomethodology and System Design
Paul Dourish, Graham Button

Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 13, No. 4., 1998, pp 395-432.

AllianceNet: Information Sharing, Negotiation and Decision-Making for Distributed Organizations
Jean-Marc Andreoli, Stefania Castellani, Manuel Munier

In Proc. of EcWeb2000, Greenwich, U.K., Sept. 2000

CLF/Mekano: a framework for building virtual-enterprise applications
Jean-Marc Andreoli, Damian Arregui, Francois Pacull, Michel Riviere, Jean-Yves Vion-Dury, Jutta Willamowski

Proc. of EDOC'99, 27-30 Sept. 1999, Manheim, Germany

Simulation for Document Print Management
Stefania Castellani, Jean-Marc Andreoli

In Proc. of ESS'99, 26-28 October, Erlangen, Germany

Zippin: towards a graphical decision support tool
Stefania Castellani, Jean-Marc Andreoli, Nathalie Glance

In Proc. of CE'98, 5th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering Research and Applications, 15-17 July, 1998, Tokyo, Japan.

Terminology Finite State Preprocessing for Computational LFG
Caroline Brun

Proceedings of COLING/ACL 98, Montreal, 1998