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Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: A Brief Introduction

Bannon, Richard Harper
The way people perform their everyday work activities and how they can be supported through the computer systems they use is of particular interest to us at EuroPARC. This has led to involvement in an area that has come to be called Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, or "CSCW". The CSCW field is still embryonic, and CSCW is still in a sense an "umbrella term" for a variety of concerns about how to support multiple individuals in accomplishing their work through and with computer systems. A number of other terms have developed which overlap partially with CSCW concerns e.g. Workgroup Computing, Groupware, Computerised Team Support. More recently, some effort at delineating the field has begun, although it still has not become a specific body of reasoning -- as discipline, if you like. Despite this, a considerable corpus of material has now been, or is about to be published under its aegis. The purpose of this short report is to provide a brief account of the field, its origins, examples of the kind of computer applications included under its rubric, and some remarks as to possible directions of CSCW in the future, and ends with some suggestions for further reading for those whose appetite is whetted.
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