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Godard: A Flexible Architecture for Audio/Video Services in a Media Space

Paul Dourish
Research into the use of audio-video technologies for collaboration frequently raises issues of privacy and control for the users of these systems. Common problems are those of protecting individual privacy and providing mechanisms for awareness of network usage, while at the same time maintaining enough flexibility in the network for it to be useful. Godard is a flexible architecture for audio-video services, developed at Rank Xerox EuroPARC, which tackles these problems. This particular model has been in use at EuroPARC for approaching a year, and provides the users of an inter-personal audio and video network with mechanisms for protection, feedback and control. Informal usage evidence suggests that it has addressed these issues with some success. This mechanism is contrasted with other approaches, and particular design issues are highlighted, particularly with respect to the role of a technological solution within a usage culture.
Xerox Technical Report


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