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Memory Problems at Work: Their Range, Frequency and Severity

Marge Eldridge, Abi Sellen, Debra Bekerian
The aim of a research project at EuroPARC called Activity-based Information Retrieval (AIR) is to use technology to support human memory by increasing people's ability to recall or retrieve information relevant to their daily lives. The essential idea of this project is to automatically collect contextual information about human activities, and to use this contextual information to help the later recall of past activities. Although the AIR project is interested in the support of memory in many areas of human activity, a major focus has been on memory for work activities. Very little, if any, research has been done on how memory is used at work. Yet, if we are to build effective technological support for the workplace, it is important to know what kinds of memory problems people experience, how frequently different kinds of problems occur, and what kinds of consequences these problems can have. The two studies reported in this paper provide some preliminary data on the range, frequency and severity of various memory problems at work. The first study required people to write down their memory problems as they occurred. The second study used a questionnaire which asked people to rate the frequency and severity of various types of memory problems.
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