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QOC Design Rationale Retrieval: A Cognitive Task Analysis and Design Implications

Simon Shum
The study reported here addresses issues associated with the retrieval of semiformal, argumentation-based DR, taking the QOC notation as an example. If QOC-based DR is to be accessible, what requirements does this place on its representation? What are the cognitive tasks in retrieving relevant QOC in response to a query? How suited are graphical structures as a medium for QOC retrieval, and how do users manage multiple representations of a QOC when answering queries? Seven subjects answered queries about the design of two systems by formulating requests to an imaginary hypertext tool to display specific QOC information. Subjects had available to them -- for each system, in both textual ad graphical forms, and at different levels of detail -- representations of the QOC, plus a hierarchical Criterion tree showing inter-Criterion relationships.
Xerox Technical Report


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