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The double digital desk: Shared editing of paper documents

Pierre Wellner, Stephen Freeman
Cmputers are moving out beyond the workstation and the desktop metaphor. A new form of human-computer interaction is emerging that alters the real world of familiar physical objects. Instead of encasing and isolating people within a synthesized artificial reality, this new approach augments and enhances our common physical reality. The DigitalDesk applies this approach to the physical desk, enhancing it to support computer-based interaction with paper documents. This paper describes the Double DigitalDesk (DDD) whose goal is to allow users to collaborate either on the same desk or at a distance. Users at the two sites can share paper documents and work together as though sitting at the same desk. We have implemented a prototype DDD that provides shared paper documents and paper-based "select and paste" using multiple distributed pointing devices.
Xerox Technical Report


DoubleDigitalDesk.pdf (806.97 kB)