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Constraint-Based Knowledge Brokers

Jean-Marc Andreoli, Uwe Borghoff, Remo Pareschi
Imagine distributed knowledge processing with autonomous activities and decentralized control where the handling of partial knowledge will not result in unclear semantics or failure-prone behavior. In this paper, a modular approach is taken where autonomous activities, called constraint-based knowledge brokers, process and generate new knowledge in presence of partial information. We present a mathematical model where the semantics of the knowledge system is described using the traditional fixed-point procedure. The computational model is given by LO, our model for multi-agent coordination. The problems of inter-argument dependencies and knowledge reuse inside the knowledge generators are addressed as well as the difficulty of recursion control.
Hong, H. (ed.): Proc. of the 1st Intl. Symp. on Parallel Symbolic Computation (PASCO'94), September 1994, Hagenberg/Linz (Austria). Singapore, New Jersey, London, Hong Kong: World Scientific, Lecture Notes Series in Computing 5, pp 1-11.


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