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Multidisciplinary Modelling in HCI Design ...In Theory and In Practice

Victoria Bellotti, Simon Shum, Allan MacLean, Hammond
In one of the largest multidisciplinary projects in basic HCI research to date, multiple analytic HCI techniques were combined and applied within an innovative design context to problems identified by designers of an AV communication system, or media space. The problems were presented to user-, system-, and design-analysts distributed across Europe. The results of analyses were integrated and passed back to the designers, and to other domain experts, for assessment. The aim of this paper is to illustrate some theory-based insights gained into key problems in media space design and to convey lessons learned about the process of contributing to design using multiple theoretical perspectives. We also describe some obstacles which must be overcome if such techniques are to be transferred successfully to practice.
Proc. CHI '95, Human Factors in Computing Systems, 7-11 May 1995, Denver, Colorado, U. S. A.