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Querying Across Languages: A dictionary-based approach to Multilingual information retrieval

David Hull, Greg Grefenstette
The multilingual information retrieval system of the future will need to be able to retrieve documents across language boundaries. This extension of the classical IR, problem is particularly challenging, as significant resources are required to perform query translation. At Xerox, we are working to build a multilingual IR, system and conducting a series of experiments to understand what factors are most important in making the system work. Using translated queries and a bilingual transfer dictionary, we have learned that cross-language multilingual IR, is feasible, although performance lags considerably behind the monolingual standard. The experiments suggest that correct identification and translation of multi-word terminology is the single most important source of error in the system, although ambiguity in translation also contributes to poor performance.
Proceedings of ACM, SIGIR 96. August 19-22, 1996, Zurich.


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