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Process Enactment and Coordination

Jean-Marc Andreoli, Jean-Luc Meunier, Daniele Pagani
This paper investigates the relationship between systems to enact software processes and systems to coordinate distributed, heterogeneous and concurrent objects. In particular, we describe in detail how one of these coordination systems system, the Coordination Language Facility (CLF), developed at the Rank Xerox Research Centre can be used to model and execute a sample software development process: bug reporting. The main advantages of using CLF are: i) language facility that allows to dynamically change both the core process model and the application-specific process templates; ii) modular architecture that allows to easily reconfigure, migrate and replicate each process component in a distributed, heterogeneous environment.
Proc. of the European Workshop on Software Process Technology (EWSPT'96), October 8-11, 1996, Nancy (France).


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