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Towards a Typology of Reading Goals

Kenton Ohara
Reading is not a unitary activity. Rather, skilled readers have at their disposal a variety of reading strategies which can be effectively applied in a wide range of situations. The typology presented here is an initial attempt at characterising how reading strategies are influenced by the goals and motivations of the reader. The reading styles and support activities, as well as navigational and manipulation issues are used as the means by which a characterisations of reading can be built in relation to specific reading goals. These goals include: reading to learn; reading to search/answer questions; reading for research; reading to summarise; reading to do; reading for problem solving and decision making; proof-reading; reading for critical review; reading to write and revise documents; reading for enjoyment. From this characterisation it can be seen how the different reading strategies make a range of demands on the properties required of the medium in which the document is presented.
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