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Constraint Based Protocols for Distributed Problem Solving.

Uwe Borghoff, Remo Pareschi, Francesca Arcelli, Ferrante Formato
Distributed Problem Solving (DPS) approaches decompose problems into subproblems to be solved by interacting, cooperative software agents. Thus, DPS is suitable for solving problems characterized by many interdependencies among subproblems in the context of parallel and distributed architectures. Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP) provides a powerful execution framework for DPS where constraints define local problem solving and the exchange of information among agents declaratively. To optimize DPS, the protocol for constraint communication must be tuned to the specific kind of DPS problem and the characteristics of the underlying system architecture. In this paper, we provide a formal framework for modeling different problems and we show how the framework applies to simple yet generalizable examples.
Science of Computer Programming, 30(1-2), January 1998, pp. 201-225