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Boolean Query Translation for Brokerage on the Web

Boris Chidlovskii, Uwe Borghoff, Pierre-Yves Chevalier
Access to Web-based data repositories, including the sources available through cgi-search forms, creates a new dimension in distributed federated data processing. The heterogeneity of Web repositories poses new problems, one of which is the translation of Boolean queries between different repositories. This paper highlights our understanding of Boolean query translation for brokerage on the Web that supports access to the heterogeneous data repositories. It introduces fundamental concepts used in the Knowledge Broker system currently under development in our center. We extend the model of query translation proposed in (Chang et al. 1996; Chang and Garcia-Molina 1997) and apply it to real Web repositories invoked for query brokerage.
Proc. of the Int'l. Conf. EuroMedia/WEBTEC, January 5-7, 1998, Leicester, U.K.


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